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About Us fo alwase



The Porsche Engineering corporate film showcases the company as an innovative engineering services provider for future-oriented mobility. Special attention is paid to employees and their engineering competence who resolve clients’ challenges with new and unconventional ideas. And that well beyond the automotive industry. As always, our engineers on site are tightly networked with the other locations. Continuous exchange in knowledge and the involvement of experts from the various technical fields is thus always assured. This is the ideal framework for advancing and promoting innovations and developments. At the same time the viewer gets an idea of Porsche Engineering’s entire service portfolio, including the history and origin from the parent company Porsche.

Porsche Engineering received a Gold-Award at the Communicator Awards in New York and a silver Victoria-Award at the Internationale Wirtschaftsfilmtage (largest German-speaking festival for corporate films) in Vienna.



The founding of the design office by Ferdinand Porsche in 1931 was the origin of Porsche’s engineering services for customers. Ever since then, Porsche has been providing engineering services to customers from a wide range of industries.

100% subsidiary
Porsche Engineering Group GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of Porsche AG and in turn comprises the holding company of the world-wide engineering companies of the group.

Porsche Engineering Group GmbH is headquartered at the Porsche AG Development Center in Weissach.

Porsche Engineering has additional subsidiaries in Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy and China.


We strongly believe: If you want to develop forward-looking solutions, you need to be a step ahead of the present. So we do not wait for the future. We shape it – actively and with innovative drive. We see ourselves as the innovative engineering services provider for future-oriented mobility that conducts all of its work in a manner that is sustainable, environmentally friendly and efficient.

Our goal: value-creating growth. And sustainable to boot. Whether it is the implementation of projects for our clients, challenging and developing our employees in the sense of an attractive employer or the conscientious pursuit of our strategic objectives. Only when all this comes together does value – in the truest sense of the word – emerge as the result.

Our motto in this regard, “driving technologies,” gives a nod to our development of mobility solutions on the one hand while highlighting our drive to advance technologies on the other. We generate innovative solutions and concepts for the future, advance new ideas and in this way we shape the mobility of the future.


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